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How to fully uninstall a USB All-In-One from Windows Vista



This article explains how to remove the Epson drivers for your All-In-One.

You may require this procedure if you simply wish to remove the Epson software from your system, or you wish to remove the software to try to resolve a problem you are experiencing with the Epson drivers or software.

If you have been experiencing difficulties printing from or scanning to your computer, there may be a communication issue. Ensure that you have followed the troubleshooting article that addresses the issue you are experiencing. If the issue remains, the printer and scanner driver may need to be fully uninstalled.

Notes Icon Note:

This procedure is more in-depth than the standard method of uninstalling and will remove all currently installed Epson printers and scanners.

Important: This article assumes that your printer is operational (e.g. displaying no errors) and addresses the full uninstall process only.


Follow the steps below to fully uninstall the printer and scanner drivers from Windows Vista.

  1. Start with the All-In-One powered on and connected to the computer.

  2. Open the Printers folder. Check for and cancel any queued documents for any installed Epson printer.

  3. Power off the All-In-One and disconnect the USB cable.

  4. Uninstall EPSON Printer Software and EPSON Scan from Programs and Features. If EPSON Scan is not listed, look for and remove EPSON TWAIN.

  5. Browse to the inf folder from the Start Search menu, Windows Explorer, or Computer:

  6. You will now need to search for the Epson 'oem' files in the Windows inf folder.

  7. Stop the Print Spooler service in Local Services.

  8. Remove the Epson files from the w32x86 (Windows Vista 32-bit) and the x64 folder (Windows Vista 64-bit).

  9. Once deleted, restart the computer. This should also restart the Print Spooler.

  10. Once restarted, check that the Print Spooler service is running.

  11. Remove the Epson folder from the (C:) drive. Open Computer. Open Local Disk (C:) - or the hard drive that Windows is installed on. Locate and delete the EPSON folder. Right-click on the folder icon and left-click on Delete.

  12. Delete the PrinterDriverTemp and the Epson printer name folders from C:\Program Files\EPSON.

  13. Confirm that you want to delete the file then close the window.

  14. Delete the escndv folder from twain_32 in the Windows folder.

  15. Delete scanner-specific temporary files.

  16. Once the computer has restarted, right-click on the Recycle Bin icon (located on the Desktop). A menu will appear; left-click on Empty, or Empty Recycle Bin. Click Yes to the prompt to delete the items in the Recycle Bin.

  17. Make sure that your All-In-One is still powered off and disconnected from the computer.

  18. The Epson printer and scanner drivers for your All-In-One are now uninstalled.

    If you need to reinstall the drivers for your All-In-One, do so using either the original CD-ROM (if the product was released after mid-2007) or the latest and recommended drivers from the Epson Support website.

    For Stylus 'CX', and selected Stylus 'RX' range All-In-One products see How is my product supported in Windows Vista?.

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