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How do I resolve power-related connectivity issues when using a USB hub?


  • Communication-related issues.
  • Epson USB devices are not detected when connected via an external USB hub.


USB hub connectivity problems

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Epson does not support the use of any USB hubs as they can cause communication problems between the Epson device and your computer. Therefore, we can only guarantee a direct connection to a USB port on the motherboard of your computer; not a USB PCI card, USB hub, or another USB peripheral.

However, if you are experiencing issues when using a USB hub follow the steps below for troubleshooting tips.

Connect the USB cable from the Epson device directly to the computer to confirm if you still experience a problem when a direct connection is used. If the problem still exists, this confirms the USB hub is not the cause of the issue. However, if it resolves the problem you can try the following remedies:

  • Connect the device to a different port on the USB hub.
  • Ensure that the power supply for the USB hub is connected and functional.
  • Try various combinations of connections. You may have too many high-powered USB devices, such as a printer or scanner, on the same USB hub.
  • Verify the entire USB chain is working correctly. Check that a device that requires the ability to draw power from the USB hub is not plugged into the chain on the other side of a non-powered USB hub, as this causes that particular USB hub and all of the devices down the chain to be suspended. If the USB is a powered USB hub, verify that the power supply for that hub is configured properly.
  • If your computer has a limited number of USB ports and you are restricted to using a USB hub, try plugging any less powerful USB devices, such as a keyboard, mouse or webcam, into the USB hub. Then, connect the Epson device into an original USB port on the computer itself. If the Epson device can only be connected via a USB hub, try using a USB hub that has its own power supply rather than one that is powered only by a sole connection to the computer.

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