Device Data Notification

Device Data Notification is a function used to post the data input from the input device that is connected to the TM intelligent printer to the designated URL of the Web server. The Web server application performs device control, such as printing and displaying information on the customer display, by including print data in ePOS-Device XML format and device control into the response to a request from the TM intelligent printer.

Processing Flow Using the Device Data Notification Function


1. When a data input occurs, for example, when an operator reads a barcode with the barcode reader, the input device sends the input data to the TM intelligent printer.

2. The TM intelligent printer formats the input data received from the input device and sends the data to the Web server application (POST).

3. Triggered by the input data, the Web server application generates device control data in ePOS-Device XML format from a database or other system and returns a response to the request from the TM intelligent printer.

4. The TM intelligent printer sends the device control data to the device.

5. The TM intelligent printer sends the result of device control to the Web server.

  • [Note] Device Data Notification is available for the following:
  • TM-DT printer: TM-DT Software Firmware ver.3.0 or later
  • TM-i printer: TM-i Firmware ver.4.1 or later (TM-T20II-i : TM-i Firmware ver.4.3 or later)